losing to win

Winnersville Community Center wants to provide opportunities for people in Valdosta to be healthy mind, body and spirit.  We believe that true, long-term health must involve all three.  We are so excited to announce a new program that really encompasses all three areas of health called Losing to Win.  The Losing to Win Program will provide trained individuals to walk a participant through a year of getting healthy.  The program begins with Life Mentoring provided by Life Ministries Valdosta to minister to the spirit and mind helping participants find freedom from negative, false beliefs and healing for their wounded emotions as they learn who they are in Christ.  The program then adds the element of nutritional coaching where participants set goals and are accountable to reaching those goals through realistic next steps in eating habits.  Lastly, the program provides regular exercise through CrossFit WInnersville increasing the number of days the participant works out as the year progresses.  The goal for each participant is to lose at least 100 pounds in one year.  Each quarter the participant will be reimbursed the membership to CrossFit Winnersville if he/she loses 25 pounds.  At Winnersville Community Center, our goal is to have at least two participants every year, male and female, who have significant weight to lose.  Participants will need to apply and share his/her story to participate in the program and be picked annually by Winnersville Community Center leaders.  If anyone is interested in the program or would like more information contact Kelly Barcol

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