We offer Nutritional Coaching as well as provide Health and Wellness seminars and challenges periodically that exists to educate the community on proper nutrition as well as ways to stay active and healthy. For information about how to obtain a Nutritional Coach, contact Polly Barcol.

Upcoming seminars and challenges:  



CrossFit Winnersville is a WCC partner in ministry. CrossFit Winnersville will meet inside the new facility. For more information go to the CrossFit Winnersville website. CrossFit Winnersville is a CrossFit affiliate. Our goal is to be physically prepared for all of the challenges that life may throw at us. We will increase your athletic ability by covering all aspects of fitness: 

1. Cardiovascular Endurance

2. Stamina

3. Strength

4. Flexibility

5. Power

6. Speed

7. Coordination

8. Agility

9. Balance

10. Accuracy

By combining all of these elements together we will improve your ability to move larger loads, longer and faster. CrossFit takes a scientific approach to fitness in that workouts of the day (WODs) are observable, measurable, and repeatable. When you eventually repeat a workout your times and scores will provide empirical evidence that your fitness is improving. For more information and class times and events visit

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